Owning investment property can be challenging if one is looking to maximize returns and preserve the asset. It takes the right human resources and management team in place to execute investment strategies. From managing tenant needs to keeping on top of all day to day maintenance and long term capital improvement projects, real estate investments demand a lot of time and energy.

Apartments-Arizona-600x300-300x150That’s where Son Property Management, LLC helps owner’s. If you own income property in Arizona, entrust SON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC to execute the investment strategy, maximize returns, and handle the day-by-day management! We have a quarter-century’s worth of experience in real estate and property administration, so owners can count on us to perform.

SON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC offers a seamless process from marketing vacancies through various programs, thoroughly screening applicants, collecting rent, and tackling any and all maintenance. We keep owners up-to-date with monthly statements and property updates. Communication is key in our business and the management team will make ourselves available whenever you want to talk about your property or our investment management strategy, our office doors—virtual or otherwise—are always open to owners.

So contact SON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC today to find out in more specific detail how we might be able to benefit you and your Arizona area investment property. We really look forward to hearing from you!